Big Decisions

November 28, 2012

Hey all, so I am in the throws of a pretty big job-related decision right now. I can’t really go into details at this point, but if you can send good thoughts my way it would be much appreciated. Or even better, perhaps leave a short comment about your most recent big decision in the comments? I would love to hear from you!


  1. sending good thoughts your way! i still read your blog and am always thrilled to see an update, because i think you’re the cat’s pajamas, even if i don’t comment. so i will now!

    hmmm, recent major decisions: got married (after shacking up for 2 years, which let me say it’s good my family lived in a different state), quit my job and moved to a strange new location across the state where we are living another couple to save $$, as job searching has been hard and i was feeling pretty depressed about the moving for awhile, but i’m emerging on the other side.

    now you, my dear, are intelligent, thoughtful, and very in-tune with your needs and wants, which I think will help you make the decision you know is right for you. again, sending good vibes!

  2. Megan! So good to hear from you and thanks for all your kind words! I have to admit I too think you are the cat’s pajamas, or perhaps the dog’s sweater, or maybe the gerbils’ nunchucks? Or whatever is the appropriate phrase to mean you rock and I see way too little of you these days!
    Congrats on the wedding/marriage, I of course stalked all the photos on the Facebook and you both looked so lovely! And yes I can see how that combined with a cross-state move and a job search would also be a bunch of big decisions. Glad to hear you are moving into a place of feeling better about all the changes!
    Thanks again for commenting and I am always interested in knowing more about what’s going on with your life!

  3. Been thinking of you a good bit. Keep us informed. Was the FB entry on a job opening a hint?

    • Dad, obviously I need to be careful about what I post on FB, because you are the third person to think that was true. However those were actually 2 different AmeriCorps positions at my org, completely unrelated to my job decision. Although I am hoping to write about the end decision tomorrow.

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