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5 reasons I love my neighborhood

November 16, 2012
  1. Not only is there another coffeeshop opening only a few block away from my apartment, but they are going to combine with a used book store! Now I will never meet my lofty saving goals!
  2. While there are lots of young hipsters (which depending on your definition, may include myself) there are still plenty of old Norwegian folks, which you can find by visiting the local Nordic Heritage Museum or grabbing breakfast at the local Smoke Shop diner which decorated in the 70s and has never believed in renovations.
  3. In addition to being easy biking distance from this parkPicnic at Gasworks       it is also easy walking distance to the locks where you can watch the shipsBallard Locks, on a nice day
  4. You can easily find the following kinds of food: BBQ, Mexican, Taco truck, Southern, Thai, Vietnamese, Pan-Asian, Sushi, Teriyaki, Burgers, French, Gelato, Cupcakes, Coffee, Irish, Diner food, Japanese, Tavern food and probably a few I am missing.
  5. In one morning I can easily stop by the grocery store, pharmacy, library, post office and hardware store all without needing a car.