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August: The Month of Visits (Part I)

November 18, 2012

This past August was an awesome month and also a really busy month because starting with my friend Miriam (who technically visited in late July, but still!) and leading up to Labor day I had 6 friends or family who visited me in Seattle (5 of those stayed in my apartment). Thanks to the lovely excuse that visitors give to really get out and enjoy the city, I ended up doing more in August than the rest of the summer combined. And while it isn’t in chronological order, here are some of the photos from Ruth and Jess’s visit. Thanks for coming ladies, it was truly a blast!

Ruth browsing at my local book store

Of course I like to take my guests to my local bookstore. Fortunately Ruth was totally game for looking at books.

Ruth cheesin for the Sky View

Ruth and I went up Columbia tower to take in the view

Saturday took us all to Fremont

On a tour of Fremont, Jess spotted these chairs in a tree

Waiting for the Interurban

Jess gave us a tour of all her favorite statues in Fremont

Ruth looking cute

Ruth soaking in the sun/view

The ladies

The ladies and Rapunzel

Abby and Ruth command the front

We went paddle-boating on Green Lake

Post paddle boat picnic

Then we had a delicious picnic

Enjoying the all to brief (but actually quite powerful!) Seattle sun

And took naps

Ruth and I assembled Tiramisu

Then Ruth and I assembled Tiramisu

David and Jess made an awesome Pizza Fondue dinner!

David and Jess made an awesome Pizza Fondue dinner!

Jess looking pretty

Jess looking pretty at some location that I completely forget.