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Take a deep breath and welcome the days of NaBloPoMo

November 1, 2012

So I didn’t really intend to take a six-month hiatus from blogging, but just like I never mean to forget to water my plants, get 2 months behind on email, or procrastinate on that one project thing – but life still happens.

In an attempt to not talk to you all (the five of you who still read this) about the boring subject of why I HAVEN’T been talking to you. Let me just say, here I am, back for my 4th year of blogging every day for a month. Of course thanks to my general lack of blogging initiative, I also haven’t planned out this month at all. Which means you are probably all in for a smattering of attempts to catch you all up on the past 6 months, random photo posts, and probably a good number of filler posts. In other words, exactly the same thing you all have been putting up with for over 8 years now. (Yes you read that correctly I have been blogging for the entire lifespan of a 3rd grader, or to put in an even more mind-blowing way, my blog is as old as most of my sunday school kids! Crazy town.)

In conclusion I will leave you with this photo from a recent Ladies’ Night, in which Jenn, Katie and I went to a local French restaurant and ate delicious things for many hours. And although you can’t tell in this photo, yes those are leather pants Katie is wearing.

Ladies Night