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Some facts and/or recommendations

November 7, 2012
  • I frequently walk past a car wash and every time I am struck by the strong smell of crushed Smarties (those little pellet sugar candies). While I think it is doubtful that those form the secret ingredient in car wash soap, I have to admit I wouldn’t be completely surprised.
  • Despite not being a huge fan of country music, I have been absolutely loving the new TV show, Nashville. It has beautiful songs (especially the duets by the two singer-songwriter newbies), the always amazing Connie Britton, good writing and a solid cast. Check it out!
  • Tonight Alex and I made this delicious roast chicken with olives and grapes. Sounds odd, but the sweet and salty marry so well with the chicken that it is truly a glorious dish. It is a recipe out of Smitten Kitchen’s new cook book, which is chock full of things I now want to cook/bake pronto.
  • While I make no qualms that I would be unprepared to handle the crazy energy levels or time commitment of a puppy, this reminded me of why I like dogs:
  • It is only 7 days into NaBloPoMo and I already hit one of those “Oh crap I completely forgot to blog and now I just want to go to bed moments”. But I bet you couldn’t tell that, could you, considering the high level of planning, thought and careful editing visible in this very post.