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NaBloPoMo – Halfway point

November 15, 2012

Well, November is officially halfway over, which means I only have to go, “Gah I still have to blog and it’s already 10:30pm!” 15 more times this month. This is my fourth straight year of doing NaBloPoMo and perhaps it is because I started it after a six-month blogging leave of absence, but it has been harder for me to feel like I am actually writing anything of substance. Unlike previous years I haven’t put together a schedule, lined up any guest posts or done any real prep work. So in many ways it should be no surprise that most of my posts have been a scramble to just write something and let myself get to bed.

But maybe in the end that is really the point, just to get myself accustomed to opening up a blank draft box and typing little words, one after the other. And maybe instead of causing a giant drop-off in my writing (like has happened in every previous year), this method will actually get me back to a more reasonable blogging schedule.

Either way, thanks for following along and if you haven’t commented yet, please do! It would be great to know who all makes up the 50 unique visitors this site has had this month.