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How To Survive an Atypical Rainy Seattle Day

November 19, 2012

Seattle has a lot of rainy days. This is probably a surprise to exactly no one. However an important footnote to this is that a typical rainy day in Seattle involves a few fitful drizzles, a brief misting and a light shower, all interspersed with luscious grey skies and a during certain months a brief glimpse of blue sky. So today when

  • I checked my weather app the hourly forecast called for 100% chance of rain for the next 10 hours.
  • At points it rained so hard that they grey skies were actually just a small part of why you couldn’t see anything.

I realized this called for the complete rain ensemble.
Rainy Day Survival Gear

  • Umbrella – While Seattleites pride themselves in their strong raincoats over umbrella preferences. Some days you you really do just need a tarp like device over your head.
  • Hat = Good, Brimmed Hat = Best
  • Scarf and Glove/Mittens – Don’t forget these, because they provide a nice extra layer between you and ALL THE WETNESS!
  • Coat – While this is sadly not actually waterproof, it is much warmer than my single layer raincoat and also makes up for its non-waterproof status by covering my bum!
  • Boots – These boots are perfect for a crazy rainy day in that they have good traction, solid rubber construction that makes them truly waterproof and comfortable enough design that when you forget your extra pair of shoes to change into at work – it isn’t the end of the world.
There you go, that’s how I survived today, which included a 30 minute wait for a delayed bus and all the other joys that come with public transit commuting.