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Weekend Recap

December 3, 2012

While it is already Monday evening and therefore 1/5th the way to the next weekend, I wanted to tell you about my weekend. Although nothing inherently a bunch of little things added up to a really good two days. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I alphabetized the spice rack, which was both eminently satisfying and quite fun. I think it may be too long since I got to shelve any books….
  • David came over for supper on Saturday night and I made groundnut stew and served some gjetost cheese that Alex’s Mom gave us to try. It is slightly sweet, smooth, nutty and vaguely similar to velvetta cheese, if velvetta was made out of goat’s milk and not assorted squeezed oils.I tried some Gjetost, the Norweigian cheese.
  • I enjoyed attending the first Sunday of Advent at Alex’s church where they believe in very large, very real Christmas trees, which are both a delight for the eyes and a delight for the nose. Additionally church contained not one, but two precociously adorable toddlers in fancy dress who sporadically wandered the pews.
  • Saturday I enjoyed doing several loads of laundry for which I neither had to haul anywhere, pay anything or generally do more than transfer to washer, dryer and then  closet. I wisely used this freed up time to play a rousing couple rounds of Civilization 5.
  • Alex and I’s project of consequence was the organization of the oddly shaped (and up until this weekend, completely unaccessible storage closet. During this process I learned several things including the fact that in this area of the country, one must never store china on shelves, but it should be rested on the floor. Apparently earthquakes don’t look too fondly on breakable things being too far away from the ground, so one must take precautions.* We then of course applied extra cushions by carefully stacking empty boxes over the (now boxed) china. So here are the completely unimpressive looking, but oh so much better storage closet photos.After Closet OrganizationSame "After" Closet picture, different angle

* I refuse to consider what this rule of thumb implies about the fact that my apartment rests 6 floors away from the ground….