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Flashback to fall

November 14, 2012

Since it seems clear that Seattle has finally rounded that slight corner from fall into winter (essentially add some rain and subtract 10 to 15 degrees), I thought I would share some of my photos from this fall. One of my regrets from my first year in Washington was how I didn’t really get outside the city limits of Seattle very much. Other than a ferry ride to Bainbridge island, a trip to Orcas Islands with my parents, the beach house reunion and an occasional conference on the Eastside, I mainly stuck around home. Obviously much of that had to do with not owning a car, limited income and generally not having that key group of friends that helps make weekend trips happen.

However this fall I managed to move my number of visits to Eastern Washington from 0 to 3 all within a month. Here are a few photos of those adventures (one of which was already chronicles in my wine tasting post):

Washington scenery continues its stunningly successful "impress the heck out of Abby" campaign

A staff retreat took me to the foothills of the Cascades in North Bend, WA.

Autumn in Seattle #fromthebuswindow

I think this fall has had much better leaf colors this year, or maybe I just didn’t notice them as much last year.

Driving home through the pass #mennocountryauction #latergram

Driving through the mountain pass during sunset = pretty

Eastern Washington is a beautiful place #mennocountryauction

Eastern Washington doesn’t look like Western Washington

Headed into the mountains #mennocountryauction

The drive on 90 through the mountains heading east is a good one to take this time of year.

Slightly better than your average Seattle sunset! #nofilter

Seattle sunset, with a does of extra glowiness.

Soooo, this view is only 15 min away from the new office #winning

Seattle is a pretty city.