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Good Fridays = Good Weeks

November 2, 2012

Today I was struck by the realization that having a good Friday can completely turn around the whole week. After a long work week full of slightly painful mornings and slightly too long days, having a satisfying Friday really makes all the difference. What made my Friday a good one, you may ask? Well, the short answer is I don’t know, maybe it was having a good conversation with my boss that helped answer some of my communication related questions, maybe it was hanging out with Alex, Matt, Katie & Bryan while they played their RPG game – Shadowrun, or maybe it was the 3 hours I got to play Civilization 5 on Alex’s computer or maybe it was just having enough things go right to tip the scales towards the better half.

Well seeing as tomorrow I have a long day of wine-tasting ahead of me (one of my book club friends got us all to sign up for Living Social deal), I should probably wrap this up. So I will leave you with this informative hedgehog video.*

*Katie recommends you put the closed captioning on and I have to agree. Also fair warning ,there is some language involved, but I think the overall hilarity is worth it.