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November 17, 2012

I started off the morning by heading over to the other side of my neighborhood to pick up the teaching materials for Sunday school tomorrow-the last Sunday of the quarter. I have to admit I am looking forward to taking a break from teaching, despite only having done half of the Sundays this fall. But teaching, and more accurately hanging out and getting to know, some of the kids at my church was a good experience.

During the walk over, I used the handy-dandy feature of using my headphones/microphone combo to chat with my parents and then on the way back chatted with Jess. Once back home, Jess and I battled bad internet connections to video chat for a while and then I have leftovers for lunch.

The next 3 hours is where my productivity took a solid nose dive while I played Civ 5, building a civilization out of scraps of pixels and sheer will. Finally with the realization that Alex would be back from teaching Saturday school soon and that I should perhaps attempt to get some work done I started working in my room. I shuffled boxes around and then with Alex’s help moved my furniture and unrolled my rug (the same rug that Meryl and I have been happily co-owning for over 10 years now*).

Then Alex and I made ourselves some supper (leftovers for him, quesadilla for me) and proceeded to have a relaxing evening in. He caught up on the Internet and I organized photos into files with the idea of trying to actually do a few more photo flashbacks from the past 6 months. To cap off the evening I made popcorn and we watched Clue. It was delightful and completely hilarious.

So that brings us to right now, where upon I stared a blank page, considered a few options and finally decided to write this. I hope everyone else’s Saturdays were good ones!

* I tried to find a picture of said rug to show you all. But alas, I do a rather horrible job of tagging in Flickr, so now rug photo. That said, I did find this, so that’s awesome.

Meryl and Abby

A photo from 5 years ago at Will and Keri’s wedding in Oregon.