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Thankful for Thanksgiving

November 21, 2012

I don’t think I had realized just how much I needed this break until I caught myself counting down the minutes at work this afternoon. While I had a proper vacation back in August when I went home to Chicago/Goshen for the week, I haven’t had a break without going anywhere in quite some time.

And what better way to start off a break then getting visits from friends! Sarah and Mark, friends from my Reba days are on a West Coast road trip and just arrived this evening in time for curry and pumpkin bars. Now we are setting up camp for the night, hunting down air mattress parts, digging out sheets and mixing up the Amazing Overnight Waffles for breakfast tomorrow morning. Next up is PJs and a new to me episode of Spy, a British comedy that Sarah and Mark enjoy.

Regardless of whether tomorrow is Thanksgiving or not for you, I hope you get a chance to rest, eat good food and spend time with people you love, or at least like quite a lot.