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Getting my vote on

November 5, 2012

My official ballot I was just about to start this blog post with a statement about how this is my second election to vote in the state of Washington, however I just had the chilling thought that I think I may NOT have voted last year. Erm, well that would be a sad fact, but now that I think about it I think I was so thrown off by this whole “ballot in the mail” thing (and my recent cross-country move) that I may neglected my duty as a citizen. Well, if that is true and I did forget to vote last year, I am totally going to make up for it and vote twice this year! I mean that’s totally how it works right? Just save up all your votes for the really important stuff.
Voter's guides Well sarcasm aside, I think this is the year where I actually realized how handy it is to have your ballot in your home, where you can take your time to read the thick and somewhat incomprehensible voter’s guide, check out the voter’s guides of your choice (I found a nice balance between Washington’s Progressive Voter’s Guide and the Stranger’s endorsements). I am also happy to say that while my ballot was close to a straight democratic ticket, I did vote for a Republican, a moderate who is running for Lieutenant Governor and seems to be an all around better candidate. While not an frequent choice, I do value the chance to vote outside party lines, especially in today’s uber divided political atmosphere.

So there you go, my biggest accomplishment today. I wish everyone a happy voting day tomorrow, may your lines be short and your votes counted.