1 day left and much whining to occur about monthly issues

October 4, 2004

Well today has been a rather bad one. With the exception of working for Nancy this morning, I have been holed up in my room unable to sleep or really do anything, except wait to feel better. Gosh I hate cramps!
On the plus side it did give me a chance to reread In the Time of the Butterflies, which is due Thursday. An incredible book, it tells the story of the four Mirabal sisters and their struggle to end the dictatorship of Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. While a tragic book, it also gives more hope than most of the books/films I have been reading recently. One of my favorite quotes from it is:
“It is the sweetness in them that makes them burn”

I still need to study some more for my ethics and morality exam tomorow and also need to get some work done for History Senior Sem…..sigh. Which is hard, cause all I feel like doing is going to bed.

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