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3 days, I hope you all are preparing amazing things!

October 3, 2004

Well I am not actually posting this from my room, but from the 4th floor lab in the connector, because due to the major renovations completed by Meryl and me last night, my ethernet cable is now to short and also my keyboard cable is a little short a sell. Does anyone know if I could buy an extender for the keyboard thing? or do I just have to find another place to plug in my computer or get a new keyboard?

Yesterday was a pretty good day, although Meryl and I learned the hard way about trying to rearrange 3 sets of furniture without measuring first. It took us over 4 hours last night! and we still don’t have everything back into order.

I also stopped by the toga party last night, I must say it made me feel really old. Most of the people who attended were underclassmen and the fact that I decided not to wear my sheet contributed to the strangeness of it all. I remember being so overwhelmed and in awe of the one I attended my freshman year. It was so crowded and loud and amazing. I think part of its low attendance this year was the fact that it overlapped with a kegger fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity held at Brick House. I would have been interested in checking out that party, but as an RL, that probably wouldn’t have been wise.

So if you haven’t seen our rearranged room yet, stop on by and visit. Both Meryl and I can’t sit up in our beds and I have an issue with becoming too good of friends either with the heater or the sprinkler system!

Oh and I am still trying to decide about a camera purchase, and so would love any feedback you all could give me.