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mourning the return to classes

October 13, 2004

I really can not believe that fall break is almost over, it really feels like a totally inappropriate thing to have work due tomorrow! So what I have been up to for the past day? I finished some little touches to both the long goldish skirt and the shorter brown one. I like them both, however I am not sure I will be able to wear them a whole lot on the coming months, because one is more of a costume skirt and the other is a pretty springish type skirt. But maybe if the weather gets freakishly warm again! Then I sewed a green skirt from the neverending bolt of fabric with the pattern that I have now used 4 times! Talk about getting your money’s worth.

However before I did all that I went to a worship planning meeting about Advent, which is indeed my favorite season of both the year and the liturgical cycle of the church. During the planning I realized that this year we have almost 4 weeks for Christmas break!! That is so exciting for me, I can’t wait to have that much time to relax and unwind. The planning meeting also talked a little about past Advents and one that was brought up was the Advent of 2001. Which was a really fascinating one and very moving, because it obviously occurred in the months after the September 11th tragedy, and on a more personal side, was also when I got baptized. Actually our church had 5 baptizism that Advent; Anna Y, Dan S, Sarah D, Becca S, and myself. Which means my 3rd baptismal anniversary is coming up this year, the 23 of December I do believe.

Anyways then yesterday evening I went over to Becca’s house and we had a movie fest and reminisced about past such events for us and had great venting conversations of the type that I only seem to have with Becca 🙂 The movies we watched were Mean Girls, not worth my time and this view is probably biased by how I find the main actress in it Lindsay Lohan, really annoying; 50 First Dates, very funny, a great combination of comedy with a touch of romance, but definitely a step up from the common chick flick, probably my favorite Adam Sandler movie ever; then Something’s Gotta Give, excellent movie, I love Diana Keaton! Basically the movie was so uplifting in its portrayal of both love, relationships in general, but especially for older women. It also made me want to have a beach house in the Hamptons really badly, despite its total luxuriousness!

So all in all a good day, then after only 6ish hours of sleep I went to a Pastoral Review interview with Lois K. Very interesting, I didn’t contribute much, but sort of observed the whole process, Assembly is really a wonderful church. I love many things about it. It also made me think just a little bit about the possibility of ministry in my life, something I had never even considered at any level before! Now this was only really a passing thought, but I think something I will at least try to give some thought to. Oh and yesterday I got a call from Tim, the brother in London! It was a total surprise to pick up the phone and hear his voice, I am getting really excited to see him again in December. Oh and that call is probably why I had a really vivid dream last night about being back in the LMC in Charletta’s apartment. I think it was one of the memory dreams, yet I was impressed by how vividly I saw all the details of it, from the bathroom and kitchen to the living room outside the apartment (in which during the dream, Tim, Char and I moved new furniture into, yeah I don’t know the interpretation of that one).

Well this is quite a windy post, but it may have to do for a while, because I now have to face the rather unpleasant fact of work due tomorrow and sigh getting back into the rhythms of college.

I hope you all had great breaks and look forward to seeing people’s return to campus. Happy Autumn!