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another good day (I think)

October 11, 2004

hmmm, well I went to church, made lunch for my family, had sewing time with steph (which unfortunatly didn’t go as well, because the machine jammed, so I will have to take it in tomorow to get looked at) but I did get several patterns all cut out, so now when the machine is fixed, I’ll be able to zip right through. Then Steph and I watched Connie and Carla, funny but fluffy movie. After that I had supper and played sequence with my family and came back to my room, where I watched Practical Magic with Steph. I think I have been watching too many romantic movies. They are very much like cotton candy, anything so sweet just can’t be good for you. Movies like that put me in moods where it is very hard to be alone…..sigh. It is so frustrating to want something that you don’t want to be wanting. But no matter how much I deny it or try to persuade myself that I don’t, I really do want a romantic relationship. Okay really now enough venting to the world.
I can’t believe fall break is going by so fast! I feel like I am not getting all of my big projects done, but I am getting lots of relaxing, maybe too much! Considering that I have seen 5 movies in the past 3 days! I guess I was catching up from not seeing any for so long. Well I am off to bed, because I have to take my mum to work tomorow, so I can have the car. Goodnight all. Goodnight moon! Goodnight leaves and stars!