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tribute to the seamstresses of the past

October 12, 2004

I guess I missed posing for Monday, oh well, it is still Monday for me, so that is what I am going to post about.
Today was a good day, I got up early so I could take my Mom to work, thus allowing me to have the van for the day. Then I took my sewing machine to Merideth’s to get it unjammed and did a little grocery shopping (during which I almost got my keys stuck in the van door, but a nice old man helped me out). Then I went home and made myself yummy French toast and proceeded to spend the rest of the day sewing. I finished my brown skirt and I think its zipper is by far my best yet. Then I worked on my long goldish skirt for my renaissance dress, for which I got to tackle the art of the gather. I am really happy with my sewing machine, I think it is really helping me be more professional about my sewing. I am trying a lot harder now to make my pieces look good, not just for my standards, but for more than myself. I am a lot more willing now to rip out a seam that doesn’t look right.
Then in the evening Becca and Zeb came over and we spent about 3 hours making a chocolate genoise cake, that although not as pretty as the spring break ambroisia, still tasted pretty good! But as Becca said, it definitely didn’t look like a gourmet cake! Oh and then we watched Ladykillers an interesting Coen brothers’ comedy, starring Tom Hanks. It was pretty funny, but I wouldn’t rate it extremely high on my list of movies. Well I think I am gonna sign off, seeing as I need to be at a meeting by 9am tomorrow morning for worship planning.
Oh and although I know things can change quickly, I am feeling much better than yesterday! Love to you all!