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October 10, 2004

Today was a lovely day to start fall break off with, I slept in until around 11. Then after a great catch-up im conversation with the amazing katie, I headed home. There I was pleased to find my dad hard at work destroying the porch. I helped out and did laundry, generally enjoying hanging out with my parents. I was helping my dad removed a layer of sort of plywoody stuff from the outside of the porch and then decided to go take my shower for the day because mom and I were going to go to Merideth’s sewing corner to purchase fabric for my sewing projects. Around 20 minutes later I came back down and discovered that about half the porch was gone! Apparently my dad had decided that it would be easier to just take a sawsall to the thing and just worked away! I am definitely afraid that my dad will somehow manage to injure himself someday, and I will be so mad at him if he does!
So then I went fabric shopping with Mom and picked up fabric for a skirt to replace my lovely black and white one that I am missing, a zipper with which to sew my green fabric skirt, and enough fabric to sew the skirt for my renaissance dress! So I have lots to do for the next few days.

Then I watched Return to Me with my Mom, a great little gem of a movie. I had avoided watching it for sometime, cause it seemed really cheesy and it was, but maybe I was just in the mood for it, cause it hit the spot. Funny, sweet and actually really genuine, just a lovely sweet little film, nothing extrodinary, but nice. After that I headed over to Joanne’s house and met up with her, Miriam and her housemate Lisa. We played dutch blitz until Becca arrived with her amazing cookies (yummy as usual), then we watched Fahrenheit 9/11, which I had never seen before. Very interesting film! As I put it when discussing with the girls afterwards, I think film is very truthful, but very very biased. It was also difficult realizing that many of the people who needed to see the movie the most, would be put off by the first part (in which Moore spends 40 minutes lambasting Bush for its connections to the Bin Laden family) and would miss the vitally important message in the second part about the crime and tragedy that is the US’s involvement in Iraq. The movie definitely did increase my anger and frustration with Bush, but not as much as I thought it would and I really did appreciate how it is actually hopeful in someways. It is clear that Moore loves the American people and thinks very highly of them, it was very evident that it was the administration with which he hold a problem.
Well enough for now, I think I am going to head to bed now, so goodnight dear cyber world.