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the weekend is gone

October 25, 2004

So I had such great plans for this weekend. I was gonna go to Indy on Saturday and have a really great time, then I was gonna come back to the dorms and be really productive on Sunday. While I did fulfill the first part of the plan the second part definitely nose-dived. After church I went to lunch at the rot than came back to my room, messed around with my pictures and videos from yesterday then went to see Criminal Hearts with Jess. Got back from that went to the Advocates potluck, got back from that and spent 3 hours hanging out with Sarah D, then I finally sat down and got some reading done for the first time this entire weekend, but then ended up talking with Steph for another hour.
So while all that equals a really great weekend, this week is gonna be crazy……..sigh I wanna go to China now! not later.
Sorry for the complaining, I will try to have a better attitude next time 🙂