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all I want is a bubble bath and some candles, is that too much to ask?

October 26, 2004

Music: Diana Krall “Maybe You’ll Be There”

Highlights of the day (an attempt to be positive instead of grouching about):

getting an amazing backrub from Sarah! Now if you have never had a Sarah backrub you are missing out, she has really strong hands and you can actually feel the difference in your knots after she is done. I got so spoiled in high school, so receiving one after such a long time was wonderful. And also it was great to just hang out with her and catch up, truly a friend for life
having an hour long chat with Tim via the magic of IM. It really is amazing how technology has connected the world. I am so envious of his life right now, he and Charletta just went on the London Eye, which looks like so much fun. I saw it when I was there this summer but decided not to take a ride due to its impressive cost. However I think I am pretty much envious of anyone who is in the after-college exciting time (note to self-stop looking longing for the future, live more in the present!).
eating my mom’s amazing squash/pumpkin chocolate cookies and generally being blessed with incredible parents
getting a bunch done in jewelry in regards to my band ring. I actually soldered all by myself today and although I got really worried that I was gonna melt my piece, I didn’t and it looks good (or it will once I bend it into more of a round shape and polish it a whole bunch)

Well there are my lists of events for now, once again I failed to get this post done by the midnight “deadline” so now it is tomorrow, so goodnight.