french card games (almost as much fun as french men)

October 4, 2004

well, okay I can’t really say that, cause I have only really interacted with one french man, and that was Terrance, who lived at our house for a month after living with the shetlers for a semester in high school and well, he was interesting, great guy, sort of like Jonathan.
Anyways what I really meant to blog about was the happy return of internet connection to my room, I don’t know what I am going to do after college when I have to adjust to dial-up again…sigh.
Oh and I had a blast playing cher la boche (horrible attempt at french spelling) a really fun card game that Becca learned in Senegal and has been teaching us. I got really hyper, since I had an iced mocha. I think I may have frightened various customers and possibly Nathan S., although I think Becca and Jess are used to me like that.
But the real story is that I really had to pee for most of the game, but decided to hold it. Then when I finally got to pee, Jess commented on how she was impressed with how long I had lasted, and I responded that I had high “bladderence” a hybrid of bladder and tolerance. Thus a new word is formed! go out and spread the good news 🙂



  1. lol =D

  2. Terrence? You know Terrence? I know Terrence! He’s here in Strasbourg, and he lives in the same Foyer as one of my friends! I met him a couple weeks ago, and he mentioned that he lived with the Shetlers for awhile. How small the world is…

  3. just in case you were wondering abby, it’s cherche le bouc. 😉

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