vintage shopping and clothing in general: a small rant

December 11, 2004

Today started off quite well, I woke up late which is always a good thing, then after saying a sad farewell to Meryl and Thushan I headed out with Jess, Becca and Steph to see the sequel Bridget Jones. It was a fun romp of a movie, not particularly good or well made, but funny and endearing. Although I would agree with critics who stated that Bridget’s character seemed to become even more ridiculous in this movie. Then we shopped for a little bit at Borders and grabbed some ice cream at Marble Stone Creamery (pretty darn good). Then we went to the vintage store.

Now this is where the rant begins. Which I should note is also connected to the week I spent in Athens, Georgia last spring break during which we went vintage shopping multiple times. Essentially this is the problem: the vast majority of clothes in a vintage store will not fit me. As a 14/16/18 size woman, finding a piece of vintage clothing that fits would most likely mean stumbling across a muu-muu that someone forgot to burn as they were vacating the 60’s. I have yet to find a vintage store that offers any kind of wide selection beyond the 12/14 size range.

For all you women out there who have trouble finding clothing to fit your waist or you butt, or some other part of your body that you think is just “huge” imagine knowing that most any store you walk into won’t have any clothing that would fit you period. Yet maybe I go too far, you say, there are after all plus-size clothing stores that cater to larger women. Yes there are, however with a few exceptions (i.e. Lane Bryant) most of that clothing is aimed at middle aged women who are in a very different fashion stage. Also as I have recently discovered I am now too small for most Lane Bryant tops and only fit in their bottoms, caught in this too small for plus-size and too large for regular is not a fun situation. I guess this is also exacerbated when everywhere I look smaller is constantly praised over larger. Would you ever hear someone say, “wow you are perfectly large enough for that dress?”, but to hear “wow you are perfectly tiny for that dress is considered a huge compliment”.

Okay well this rant doesn’t really have a point, other than to say I am just so darn tired of women taking for granted the ability to always find their size. Instead of searching a rack for the largest sizes and then trying to find something that isn’t completely hideous, so many of you have acres of options that you can try on at any time. So from me and the rest of women too big for vintage or too curvy for the regular sizes, just try and be grateful for the options you have.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blog rants. My favorite line: “muu-muu that someone forgot to burn as they were vacating the 60’s”

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