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okay so break

December 29, 2004

well its been fun, not very productive but overall a relaxing time. And isn’t that the point. Although I have become rather addicted to Sims 2. My brothers and I started a game with all three of us represented. No other game would included a kilt wearing alien who copied his step uncle Jonathan or a pirate costume wearing top executive who fell in love with the maid or my own character who determinedly wooed and married an elderly alien with two children.
I have also been trying to get packed for Indy and am I am looking forward to lots of cooking opportunities I will have there, especially now that I got a rice cooker/vege steamer for Christmas.

But tomorrow I head into PA with the family for a cousin’s wedding and overall one of our quickest trips 2 days of driving for less than 48 hours of “there” time. Oh well.