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Jewelry: a love story of a girl and some metal

December 7, 2004

Today I got up at 7:30, took my 8am Ethics and Morality exam, felt pretty good about it, considering I needed to get a C or higher on it to get an A in the class. Then I finished up my portfolio and turned that in and then went to work for Nancy with Meryl. After we finished around noon, we ate in the rot and then I went to the jewelry lab. Worked on finishing up projects and my pendant, then I went to a chamber choir supper at Deb’s house. We had stone soup and amazing cheesy bread, I hung out with Miriam and Will, lots of fun. Then I returned to jewelry worked until my 10pm house meeting. That was a good time, Meryl, Mel, Char, Leah R, Lena S, Alex Roth, and Erin B are trying to get Aurora next year. Then I went back to jewelry, cause this was the last night we could use the equipment, so I finished up my pendant and did some buffing that I had neglected to do earlier. Then I came back here and decided to post. Goodnight!