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sneezing and break

December 14, 2004

It is the second official day of break. I returned with Becca and Steph from Chicago on Sunday night and was warmly welcomed by Jonathan and Dad. I think Jonathan had missed me because he kept punching me (don’t worry its our strange way of saying we love each other).

Then both Monday and today I have been working for Nancy from 9-1. Not really fun working over break, but I need the money and I figured I would do it just for the first 3 days before Tim arrives home. My room is a chaotic death pit right now, consisting mainly of boxes packed up from my dorm room and dumped in a mad rush before our departure for Chicago. It is hard to unpack though, because I don’t really have anything to unpack into and a lot of it will just be coming with me to Indianapolis in January.

The big event of break so far has been my first and probably only attempt at leg waxing. Both Steph and I had been feeling the urge to remove our winter coat of leg hair and were interested in trying a homemade recipe for wax. It was pretty simple, cut up some old T-shirts into long thin strips and then heat together 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup water, and a 1/4 cup lemon juice. This creates a sugary syrup that is very sticky. Then you spread the syrup on your legs and lay the cotton strip on top. After allowing the mixture to harden your then count to 3, bite your lip and yank from the bottom up. Wowsas it was really painful, and it wasn’t even that successful. Neither Steph or I managed to get all the hair off on any of the strips we placed on. Basically after we gave up, my leg looked like it had balding patches, not smooth and hairless. So then I decided to just shave anyways, which I also discovered is not really a good idea to do in a bath, cause then all the little hairs stick to the bottom of the tub and look really gross.

But the other really big news is that tonight I am going to watch the extended version of Return of the King!!!! So freaking excited, the House of Healing, the Mouth of Sauron, the confrontation between Gandalf and the Witch King, the knighting of Merry, all of these amazing scenes I will get to see!!!!