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cold house

December 16, 2004

Well I am done working for the week! Yah! which means that I slept in to almost 11 this morning. That felt so good, except for the fact that I seem to be coming down with a cold or something because my nose was stuffed up. Therefore I spent most of the night breathing through my mouth, which results in the aweful dry morning mouth syndrome. Anyways last night I watched more of the special features from Return of the King with Tara and Zeb. It was good stuff, although I missed portions of it because I went over to visit Dan. Which turned out to be quite fun, because Kat was there and Thereasa and Jesse Shoemaker (who is lots of fun and I went to jr. high with) Anyways a all in all good day, although I still really need to get some things mailed and completed for Indy Peace House today….sigh I hate paperwork!
But the big news folks is that tonight we are going to go pick up Tim (my brother who has been in London for the past year) from the airport in Chicago. And Charletta (his girlfriend of several years) is coming home on the same flight and her family is coming from Iowa to pick her up. Then we all are gonna go out to eat together, which should be lots of fun! Well I must get ready to go.