a warm cat

December 11, 2004

I am sitting here in an amazing condo in (almost) Chicago, commonly referred to as Jess’s house. Marni, their lovable cat is keeping me company. I can here the giggles from the girls down the hall and the rhythmic thump of the washing machine spin cycle from the room next door. Today was a really good day, I felt frisky and fun for pretty much all of it and had a wonderful time with the girls. I guess these are the type of corny memories I will tell about all the fun I had in college. Only in college can you get away with singing all the Christmas carols you know as you walk along Lake Michigan trying to remember 3rd and 4th verses as the wind whips you and the rain blows. Only in college can you splurge on a Thai food meal and then spend half an hour carefully dividing up the bill and fishing up the last quarters out of your purse to pay for it. Only in college can you sleep into noon and still feel like you didn’t miss anything.

Ah moments of contentment are very hard to beat!

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