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Chicago, Chicago its a wonderful town

December 9, 2004

Well, that’s all folks, me and Goshen College are done for a good 4 months. After wasting away most of my hours last evening with fun times, hanging out and talking, I finally had to pull it all together this morning. In a crazy round of switching cars and loading and unloading I finally managed to get my room emptied out and back home (although about 30-40% ended up gathering around the bottom of the stairs and never making it up into my room, sorry mom and dad!) But finally around an hour and half later than our original departure plan and after a quick reversal to retrieve my purse, we were off to Chicago. I rode in Steph’s car and managed to sleep most of the way. Then we were greeted by Jess’s family and fed a lovely meal of pasta and salad. Now our goals are relaxation, laziness and back to back Bourne movies (yay for Matt Damon!).
Break is just looking better and better. It is amazing how the end of semester can just make everything seem so much more wonderful!