Day 15 – Outfit Tuesday

November 15, 2011

If you have been following my set posts, I am actually switching today’s topic with tomorrow.  Which, in all honesty, is mainly due to my recent re-discovery of the computer game Civilization.  Of course the last time I played it was back in high school and it was version 2 (and maybe 3 by the end of my obsession?) and I was fighting with my brothers for the computer time.  Now it is Civ 5 and I get to have super polite (Alex is way to nice to fight) conversations with my boyfriend to use his computer to play it.  Ah, the joy that comes from playing a computer game for 3-5 hours in a row!  I have to say I like getting to feel this nerdy again.

But yes, I did actually wear some clothes this past week and I have two outfits for you.  The first one I wore to church on Sunday and the dress (while you can’t see it super clearly) is a great example of why it is a good idea to go shopping with friends.  I would never have picked this dress off the rack, but Jess’s sharp eye saw its potential and I have loved it ever since.  Plus I always like finding a way to wear this cardigan because it is both snuggly warm and super comfortable.

November 13 - Wore to Church
My second outfit I wore today to work and it was inspired by the super awesome guest post written by my friend Ruth that you will all get to read on Thursday.  I recently purchased some leggings and tights from the online company We Love Colors and while I haven’t been too happy with a few of the tights (and probably will return them) I have really loved the leggings I got and this pair of tights.  Stripes are fun.

November 15 - Work outfit


  1. I like both of those outfits a lot. Also, thanks for directing me inadvertently to We Love Color. I’ve been needing more leggings…

  2. Abby! I love these outfits, especially the combo of blue and red stripes! The tights are awesome!

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