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Day 14 – Monday Links

November 14, 2011
  • A video of people laughing made entirely out of YouTube clips (via Kottke, as per usual)
  • The trailer for Hunger Games is out!  While I have some reservations about how this movie will turn out, I really enjoyed the fast-paced dystopian books and so of course I am super excited.
  • Speaking of things to watch, I recently watched an episode of a new TV show called Grimm, which was not that great (modern day world includes actual monsters that special detective who sees things has to hunt down), but that lead me to find Once Upon A Time, which reminds me strongly of the graphic novel series Fable.  Basic concept is fairy tale characters in the modern world, except this time they don’t remember their past lives, but remain stuck in time waiting for the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming to save them all.  It is highly addictive and available on Hulu, go watch! Plus as a major bonus it stars Ginnifer Goodwin which I have loved since she played the nerdiest girl on the old TV show Ed.
  • Finally I just loved today’s XKCD that matches your favorite map to your personality type.  I think I am a Robinson, which one are you?