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Day 27 – Photo Sunday

November 27, 2011

Anne has the best kittens

Yeah for girl friends!

Kate and Joseph


Day 24 – Guest Post: Thanksgiving Edition

November 24, 2011

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Turkey based day.  Currently I am flying over a good portion of the US, to make it to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving with friends.  So this guest post is brought to you by the wonder of scheduled posts and the awesomeness that is my approximate 18 year friendship with David.  And you can tell we have been friends for so long because a) we feel free to post potentially embarrassing photos of each other from middle school and b) we are soon going to be roommates!  

Abby and I go way back, to grade school when her family moved to Goshen and started attending my church. Her brother Jonathan and I became fast friends when we discovered that both of us were interested in computer programming and constructing strange contraptions to shoot things at rabbits in the yard…but since I was spending so much time at his house I got to know Abby as well. At some point we decided that our relationship could be classified as “budder and frester” (I can’t remember where the terms originated but the idea is almost-but-not-quite brother and sister). Since my guest blog post happens to coincide with Thanksgiving, I’m going to give thanks for my long friendship with Abby by reminiscing over some old photos of good times we’ve had together over the years.

In 2000 our Academic Superbowl social studies team won state!

Hiding out from a storm in a tent in the Boundary Waters, ca. 2002.

We were both in the awesome History of the Southwest class in southwest Colorado in May 2004.

Exploring Seattle during one of Abby's many visits before she finally up and moved here.

Checking out the red floor at the central library in Seattle.

On the Capilano suspension bridge with friends in Vancouver last summer.

By the way Abby and Meryl make awesome water buffalo, at least when they can manage to keep a straight face.

Don’t miss the entire series…go here and press the play button:

And finally, a shot from Abby's parents' recent visit to Seattle. (John is blurry either because of my poor phone-camera skills or because he was starting to grab for the cupcake.)

In case you haven’t heard, Abby and I have just rented an apartment together in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, so I’m looking forward to more adventures together over the next year!


Day 23 – Outfits

November 23, 2011

Here are three outfits I wore last week, as always click through to Flickr if you want the details and as a bonus, check out Alex’s new Viking look! 🙂

Last Wednesday
Nov 16th - mid-week work outfit

Last Saturday
Nov 19th - Wore this on a Saturday trip to IKEA and a game night with friends

Last Sunday (taken in my new apartment!)
Nov 20th - Wore this to church and a concert

Alex gets in touch with his Norwegian roots!


Day 22 – Cooking with Abby

November 22, 2011

Tonight I decided to disregard the two solid days of rain and the overwhelming sense that it was time to hibernate and made myself an elaborate dinner just for me.  Now to re-create this recipe, you will need to a long list of ingredients as demonstrated in this photo:

Assemble the ingredients

Then carefully prepare the ingredients, don’t worry about how many dishes and cutting boards this will take, it will totally be worth it in the end.

Carefully prepare the ingredients

Add a few finishing touches and then put your feet up and watch an episode of West Wing while you wait for the meal to cook in the oven.

Then watch some West Wing while you wait for the food in the oven!

Then after the perfect amount of time, savor the careful blend of flavors and craft a delicate dip for your dinner. [Fries and Edamame not pictured cause I ate them already]

Supper is served


Day 20 – Photo Sunday

November 20, 2011

Flashback to History of the Southwest trip during the May of 2004, when I spent 3 weeks with a history class studying the ancient people of the Southwest, current Native tribes and archeology.  It was an incredible 3 weeks, but this picture captures one of my favorite moments.  This was on the brim of a large plateau and the wind was whipping up over the edge, so all you had to do to fly was just lean over and lift your arms.
Flying in the canyonlands
Hannah and I kept Jan, our trip supervisor, quite nervous with our flight experiments.


Day 17 – Guest Post Thursday

November 17, 2011

Today’s guest post is a pretty awesome one cause I get to introduce my friend Ruth.  While both of us moved away from Chicago this fall, we got to know each other during our 5 years of shared location, similar outlooks to handling social awkwardness, a mutual interest in exploring fashion in cheap thrifted ways, enjoyment of movies, coffee and occasionally a good bout of gossip {or as we like to call it, discussing community bonds}.

Hello Abby’s friends!

After years of casually discussing style with Abby and admiring her wardrobe and fashion sense, I’m excited and flattered that she asked if I’d be willing to write an outfit post.

Outfit: Thrifted cardigan, jeans, shoes; Shirt from sister, scarf old

I moved from Chicago a few months ago and in the midst of figuring out life in a new place with new activities (Grad school! Internship! Job!) I have discovered that the change in roles and social settings has resulted in reconfiguring how I wear clothes. I find myself often wearing unexpected or new outfits as I figure out who I am and where I fit now. This would be one of them. I wore this primary colored, striped outfit to class a few weeks ago and decided it’s the perfect outfit to wear while out with visiting friends. I love stripes in any form, especially when I can wear them with red loafers! An added plus: all the colors make the autumn and impending winter a little more bearable.


Day 16 – Baking with Abby (and Becca!)

November 16, 2011

Next Tuesday we are having a pie bake-off at work and so I figured I should try out a recipe tonight to see if it will work for next week.  And as it would have it I was long overdue for a video chat with Becca so I combined them into one awesome evening!  I used this Alton Brown Classic Pumpkin Pie recipe, but instead of nutmeg I used pumpkin pie spice, I left out the spare egg yolk and generally ignored the whole “eat the filling” idea.  But I was most interested in the Gingersnap cookie crust anyways.  Here is what I did:

Gingersnap cookie crust ready to go into the oven

Gingersnap cookie crust ready to go into the oven

Pumpkin Pie filling!

Pumpkin Pie filling!

Best baking companion ever!

Best baking companion ever!

Me: Man, it is so nice to have someone doing dishes WHILE I am baking David: Man, it is annoying to keep having all these dirty dishes keep appearing!

Me: Man, it is so nice to have someone doing dishes WHILE I am baking David: Man, it is annoying to keep having all these dirty dishes keep appearing!

Pumpkin Pie - So it turns out that we don't own a pie pan!

Pumpkin Pie - So it turns out that we don't own a pie pan!

All-baked pumpkin pie!

All-baked pumpkin pie!