2010: Some Statistics and interesting facts

January 1, 2011

Books I read this year: 126 I think this number is somewhat inflated due to the large number of picture books/children’s books and graphic novels that I read, but still I am pretty proud of this.

Pictures I took this year (according to Flickr): 1431

Blog Posts I wrote: 81

2010 or the year I…

… started the last of the set of checks I ordered my first few months of living in Chicago

… took my final 5 classes, student taught and graduated from Library School

… traveled 46 hours by train from Chicago to Seattle

… first took on a major leadership role at my church and encountered the big ups and downs of that action

… joined my first Executive Board (What up, Wilderness Winds)

… quit my first real post-college job and was rehired to the same job 3 months later

And to finish it up, here are some other posts I have written to sum up a year or welcome a new one:

January 2010

January 2009

January 2008

Also I decided to make three New Year’s Resolutions this year:

1. Visit my cousin Emily

2. Bake Challah bread in a round for communion

3. Vacuum my room

and lo and behold I met them all today so I am scott free for the rest of the year! Go me! 🙂


  1. Your resolutions remind me of a person I used to supervise. We typically didn’t get around to setting annual objectives until March and then he would try to make them all things he was finished with already.
    Obviously you don’t need resolutions to get things done. 2010 was quite the year for you. Congratulations.

  2. […] fun, but in the end I think my favorite part was spending 6 hours catching up with Emily.  Back at the beginning of 2011, Emily and I decided to make this year, “The Year of Actually Seeing Each Other, Because We […]

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