belated welcome to the new decade

January 11, 2010

Monday morning, post-coffee, seems like a good time to finally launch the second decade of this blog, or at least the second decade in which I have been blogging.  The problem with not blogging for a good long time is that when you finally do the backlog of “ooh I should write about that” is so long that you can’t actually remember any of it and are forced to sit there staring at your screen trying to think of something to say before going “gahhh!” and throwing a bunch of flickr pictures at everyone.

The holidays were wonderful and I actually mean that.  While of course I didn’t really want to go back to work after them, the time off was the perfect combination of bumming around, house time, church time, family time, friend time and extended family time.  Plus all during my two week break I knew that I had the single greatest change at my work situation waiting for me when I returned.  No small change, I knew that this alteration would totally change my day to day life and breath fresh air into what can occasionally be a slightly stale situation.  So drum roll please, I MOVED MY DESK.  Well actually, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, I actually just rotated the massive thing, but still the effect is great.  Instead of having my back to the entire reference room I am now at the perfect angle to see students, plus the rest of the library all while actually feeling like I have a smidgen of privacy.  It is definitely the best part of 2010 so far.

Despite spending almost an entire evening last week editing, organizing and uploading pictures from break, I still need to work on the Nafs reunion pictures and all the pictures I took of my uncles’ slideshow of my grandpa’s old photos.  However if you haven’t yet taken a look over there at flickr, I have three (newish) sets you should look through.  One is actually from January 2009, that I had never actually gotten around to uploading to flickr, but Jess added lots of funny captions, so you should go take a look at that one (start at the beginning of the set, so get the full effect).

Basically there are not enough bizarre photos of my already available on the web, so I figured I would add some more.

Plus I finally put labels and captions and such on my Brunk’s cabin photos, so go take a looksy at those too.  Once again, start with this photo and work your way through the set.

And finally a set that proves just how crazy awesome and full of cute babies the Hess family is, here is one with a few of my favorite photos.


  1. Happy New Year! Glad you’re back!

  2. I greatly enjoyed the Brunk’s set, especially your stick/icicle saga in which you win/lose. I laughed out loud several times! 🙂

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