what 25 looks like

October 7, 2008

What 25 looks like, originally uploaded by AbbyN.

So yep, I did it hit the ole quarter century mark, the weird indicator that I have completed at least 1/4 of my life or probably in all honestly a little bit more than that.  What did I do to celebrate this momentous occasion, you may ask?  Well the first celebration occurred Friday night, a full 2 days before the actual birthday when my former roommates and I went out to eat at Tapas Barcelona, the amazing Spanish restaurant.  Along with great sangria, sparkling conversation, BACON WRAPPED DATES, olives, food and more food, the highlight of the evening had to be the long video tapped reading of the dessert menu by Jess and Libby.  Jess used her best british accent, because you know that is fitting when talking about spanish desserts, and then Libby echoed every few words in her freaky old man accent.  Really the video just has to be seen to be believed (I am looking at you Erini!).  Of course not one to stop the partying, I went back to Jess and Libby’s apartment and attempted to indoctrinate Libby and Zach in the awesomeness of Burn Notice, but this failed when I noticed I was almost falling asleep at the late hour of 11:30pm.

Saturday (or pre-birthday) was spent getting things done, cleaning my room, sorting fall/summer clothes, watering plants, vacuuming and most importantly NOT DOING HOMEWORK.  So of course it was a wonderful day.  Then to top it off, Becca and Jess brought over some Peanutbutter Buttercream Butterfly Cupcakes* and then I opened their presents which consisted of Simply in Season and the game Alhambra, both of which I am super exited about.  We then proceeded to watch the first two episodes of West Wing Season 1 with my housemates.  It was great, I love watching great television with people who obviously also enjoy it.

Sunday (actual birthday) started off with the usual breakfast with the house, then church.  Where I received plenty of birthday wishes and probably the most creative/best card I have ever received.  I have to say Sunday birthdays are nice, because you are guaranteed to run into lots of people you know and you don’t have to go to work.  After church Becca came over and we made pesto out of the remains of our backporch basil plants, yummy stuff.  Then during the afternoon I received phone calls from every member of my immediate family, which was really lovely.  And I got a very sweet voicemail from Steph, so all in all it was a great birthday weekend.

*Becca should totally get a patent for these, they were amazing! (Actually I should say ARE amazing, seeing as I just had another one for lunch today)


  1. don’t lie. you’re 7. just like little abby.. hey.. that worked out nicely.

  2. Happy quarter century Abby!

  3. The video is now on youtube. and my blog. http://rinics.wordpress.com

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. thanks ladies, it was indeed a happy birthday!

  6. It’s especially wonderful to have a birthday when the pleassure extends over several days. A friend of mine will be 80 this month and still obviously loves the birthday feeling! (I do too!)

  7. Happy Birthday again! I am going to call you as soon as I’m sure neither of us are working 🙂 And I love your new banner.

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