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oh hai!

October 23, 2008

I learned that greeting from Flickr, apparently it is hello is LOLCAT.  The past two weeks have been good ones, but very full, hence the lack of the blogging.  So in order to update you all here is a little phototabulous summary.

First I had a birthday party with other Cana October Birthday Women.  It was amazing, lovely and left me feeling very accepted and included which I have to say are both pretty great things to feel.  Oh and we had a pinata and Sue broke it! (kudos to Erini for this awesome shot!)

Then they made me wear the pinata, and for once my head was actually too small! (Kudos again to the Erini for this shot too!)

Myself, Barb, Anne and Sue, we turned 178 this year (28 years in one year had to be rough!), which means I actually turned 44.5 this year instead of 25.

Okay, so this one is a fake, it is of Jess from back during our trip to England, but I couldn’t believe how much this next picture reminded me of it.

See, same expression and everything.  Proof that Jess hasn’t lost her looks in the past year and half.  Then on Sunday, Becca, Jess and I hit up the good ole Chicago Botanic Garden.  We did the walking around thing, then Becca and I did the photo thing, while Jess did the journal thing.

Apparently it is pretty darn gorgeous this year.  I would also like to note that the above shot (as are all of the photos in this post, straight out of camera (this has more to do with my lack of time and less to do with my photography preferences/skills)).

Then we met up with three Reba friends, David, Anali and Kara.  We hung out in the grass.

Then Kara and Jess spun around a bunch of times, cause you know spinning is fun.

The weather was gorgeous.

The next weekend, my younger brother visited me for the weekend.  This was mainly due to my bribery in the form of tickets to an Old Crow Medicine Show.  The concert was awesome and Jonathan and I played games, watched Lars and the Real Girl, ate Ethiopian and Sushi (different meals, same day), and visited the Museum of Science and Industry.  As you can tell from the picture, Jonathan also found time to stalk me from across the street, good times.

Then on Sunday, Tim and Charletta returned from Iowa so we all (Stewart, Charletta’s brother, included) used their rental car to once again visit the Chicago Botanic Garden.  It was beautiful, lots of mums, and full of people I think are awesome.

Like this one,

and this one,

and these two.

And as you can tell from my earlier post we took lots of jumping pictures.  This one will be the cover of our ska-punk band as soon as we find a way to work in two guitars, a fiddle, a viola and one interpretive dancer (I’ll let you guess who all does what).