slipping in under the deadline

November 14, 2009

Today was one part massively unproductive, one part standardized test, and one part really fun game night at church.  So this morning I managed to waste away about 3 hours doing random internet things, watching old How I Met Your Mother episodes, pondering my toes, you know productive things like that.  This of course a pretty good indication that I have homework, which is taking the form of a paper due Monday night.  Of which I have all the research done, but can’t seem to actually force myself to write the dumb thing.

Then the afternoon part of the day was spent taking the Content Area test for Library Information Specialists, which was the worst test I have taken in my entire life.  Not in terms of actually being difficult (although for all I know I could have failed), but the absolute horrible wording of the questions, badly stated answers and general crap concept of trying to use a 125 multiple-choice question test to determine if someone knows how to be a good school librarian.  I finished the test in around 1.5 hours, after which I was so mentally sapped by trying to actually cut through the bullshit questions, that I barely read over the test.  So I hope I passed, but in all honesty it is hard to tell, because I could have just picked all the second best possible answers for all the questions.

Then tonight, the day took a big upswing at the first Common Life organized game night, where we at caramel corn and cookies, drank cider and played a bunch of games ranging from Dominoes and Dog-opoly to TransAmerica and Trouble.  Annie and I organized the event, which I can actually say was pretty simple and stress-free, and despite fears that no one would come, around 25 folks did.  So we decided to call that a rousing success.  Plus I won two out of the three games I played and had a rip roaring good time throughout the evening.  So on that triumphal note, I will bid you all good night.


  1. I’m sure you did great on the test…you have all that Academic Super Bowl experience under your belt, after all.

  2. […] get through the next week of work, my Christmas break will start for real.  Oh and I passed that really annoying but important test I took last month, […]

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