Another weekend almost over

December 13, 2009

Unfortunately most of this weekend was spent laying in bed or other forms of sitting around, all because I managed to come down with the weirdest form of fever/cold/flu thing I have ever had.  It started around Thursday or so with some random aches and foggy head, but it wasn’t till Friday night till I finally started with the fever.  At which point, my other two (pretty lame) symptoms stopped and I felt pretty okay, but the fever kept going up until Sunday morning.  The most disappointing part of all this was that instead of going to any of the 4 parties (the holiday season is crazy!) going on Saturday night, I spent my evening laying on my bed watching television shows online and wishing my fever would go away.  The most disappointing part was that I missed my housemates 75th birthday party which had been in the works for over a month and included storytelling, dancing and desserts.

But the silver lining to this (and confession of total dorkiness level) is that I managed to watch the entire first season of Chuck* and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  So as frustrating as it was to be sick and have to quarantine myself in my room, at least I enjoyed the excuse to be a complete television bum.

Oh and I should also add that the other huge and much more important 2 part silver lining is that I am officially done (I just sent in my final paper this afternoon) with my fall semester.  Thus allowing me the chance to enjoy my first longer than a week break from classes in over a year!  Now if only I can get through the next week of work, my Christmas break will start for real.  Oh and I passed that really annoying but important test I took last month, hurray!

*a comedy about a nerdy computer geek (who has a very Jim Halpert from The Office appeal) who gets all the info from a super secret government computer installed in his brain and must (with the help of his two awesome handlers (one of whom is the incredible Jayne from Firefly) take on various CIA/NSA tasks as his new “night job”.



  1. I love Chuck! Can’t wait till the new season starts up next month 🙂

  2. PS – I hope you feel better soon! (got a little distracted by Chuck for a second…)

  3. CHUCK!!! I’m so excited too!

  4. Yay Chuck! We’ve been waiting and waiting for the next season to start up again. Oh yeah, and I’m sorry you’re sick…at least you have the CIA to distract you. 🙂

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