What a day!

November 13, 2009

Water on the moon, Dollhouse canceled, whatever will happen next?  I find it amusing that those are the two biggest things of substance I can think of in looking back at today.  My guess is one of those will have slightly more import on my future than the other, but then you never know maybe I will retire on the moon after all 🙂

Today was spent dragging my feet on starting my paper due Monday.  It is for the class I am actually interested in, and quite short (a group paper of 10 pages, means I need only write 3 or so of them) and on a relatively interesting topic.  However all I seemed to want to do today was bum around the Internets and stare at the high schoolers.  Fortunately I eventually dragged myself out of my doldrums and got a good bit of research done, so now with some determination and self-discipline I should be able to get the actual paper written this weekend.

Oh and the other highlight of my day was starting a puzzle of an old map after getting home from work and working on it right up till dinner.  Then Penny and Anne helped me finish it, which I have to say is one of my favorite house hold activities.  Puzzles, occasional wine with dinner, Star Trek obsessions, and pre-set breakfast buffets are some of the best parts of my crazy/wonderful house.

In other news I am taking the big, annoying content area test of standardization and school libraries tomorrow afternoon and am not really looking forward to it.  Fortunately the test is all multiple choice, but considering how absolutely stupid some of the practice questions were, I am not holding out high hopes for this one.  But the good part is after the test is over, I get to go to a game night at the church partially organized by yours truly.


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