5 days to my birthday

October 1, 2007

I was all set to do this review of birthdays past, but then I looked back and realized that is exactly what I did last year (even down to the part where I pointed out that I had once again missed this blog’s anniversary (3 years on Sept 17)). Or I was thinking I could do that thing where I posted a bunch (21 exact) of pictures leading up to to my 21st birthday. Or I could do that thing where I go live in another country for 3 months like I did for my 22nd birthday.

Maybe as a compromise I will just post one picture and call it a night.

Taking a picture of myself near St. Paul’s Cathedral

Cause when you can’t do profound, you might as well do random 🙂


  1. Hi Abby N.

    I’m Abby F. Sent you an email and issued a warning that I’d stop here and say hi. Your blog has been added to my blogroll. What an honor. zzzzzz. Stop by http://writeitabbyf.wordpress.com/ anytime.

    Happy birthday. Save this for the real day and then read it again. Hope you have a great one. I’ve celebrated my 39th birthday repeatedly for a while, now.

    Are you a librarian or aim to be one? I’m midway through library school. Never too late, I say. I do regret listening to a misquided few and skipping school the first time around.

    Your photos are gorgeous, btw.

    Hope to hear from you. – Abby

  2. Actually I am a wanna-be librarian. While I do currently work in a library as a teacher’s aide, I am hoping to apply to several library programs this fall and start pursuing a degree. It is great that we have so much in common (besides the first name) and I will definitely add you to my blog roll. Thanks for saying hello and feel free to stick around 🙂

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