October 3, 2007

if ever you should find yourself awake at some ungodly hour and you can’t fall asleep, lay on your bed for a while listening to the wind blow the tree against the back stairs, but eventually climb out of bed and patter quietly across the floor, missing the extra creaky boards near the front door and unlock the back door and step out onto the back porch, you will realize as you lean against the wooden railing and breathe the last dregs of warm autumn nights that this is why back porches exist



  1. nice use for a porch.

    Sometimes I think microwaves exsist for insomniacs too. The cup of warm milk usually does the trick for me. Better if I could drink it on a porch.

  2. Happy Birthday Abby!

  3. so I read a lot of short stories and this post really reminds me of something that should be in a book of short shorts. Really. I love it! And back porches.

  4. thanks nicole!

    Bindi, you know I don’t think I have ever tried the warm milk, but I do love a cup of warm tea, makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

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