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October 9, 2007

In an effort to try to share a little more about my summer travels on this blog, I will occasionally be posting a picture along with the background details.

We had just returned from an early morning walk down to a nearby waterfalls. The path curved along the rim of the canyon and the grass was slippery. We could see our breath and all the plants, branches, and even a few rocks were covered in crystalized layers of white frost. I took photos until I could no longer feel my fingers, then as the sun finally rose above the hill we headed back for pancakes and heading home.

Taken just outside our lodge looking out over the hills near Graskop, South Africa.

Landscape, originally uploaded by AbbyN.


stretching is good

October 9, 2007

Thoughts from this weekend:

1. It is not a good idea to do a zumba exercise class barefoot.

2. Brown rice cooked in apple juice makes a marvelous stuffing for roast chicken (especially if you add some cut up apples and onions).

3. I need to find some real motivation/time to work on my room, I still have clutter on the floor that awaits a proper desk/drawer space and it is beginning to drive me slightly mental.

4. Lightening looks magnificent when viewed through clouds across the lake at night.

5. Taking the time to listen to other people’s stories from the week, followed by meaningful prayer can be a wonderful way to hear your own issues and concerns echoed back to you.

6.  No stage of life is without waiting, even if it feels like the one I am in has more of it than necessary.

7. My current attention span is too short for most movies (this may be due to the obscene amount of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel, that I have watched over the past few months).

8. I got home from my summer travels 2 months and a week ago, which is longer than the time I was away.

9. While not a bad experience, it is always slightly weird to have someone that I know in real life tell me that they stumbled across my blog.  I don’t mind it at all, I mean I am not stupid enough to think that blogs are in anyway private (and beside my very insistence on publishing this indicates that I do want people to read it).  I just never know what to say in response, um, thank you?

10. While not nearly similar to make it worthy of complaint, I am guessing there are similarities between a crying baby that wakes you up at 6am and a meowing stubborn hungry cat in the morning.