Last week of school = walking through molasses

June 10, 2011

Thanks to both the addition of two days to the end of our year (snow days are so much cooler when you are enjoying the day off, not the added consequence several months later) and my growing anticipation to be DONE, this week has seemed at points to actually be moving very slowly backwards through time.  Due to our snow days our school year extends two extra days beyond this week, making my last day of school Tuesday, June 14th.

Fortunately today is finally Friday, not faux-Friday or almost-Friday or “I really wish I had a little more influence over the whole time/space continuum thing” Friday.  Ahhhhh, finally 🙂  So all I need to do is get through 6 more hours or so, than home to pack and then downtown to catch a train to Goshen for the weekend.  Mainly planned so that I could go organize another Wilderness Wind 25th Anniversary planning committee meeting, this trip should also be full of time with Goshen folks, hopefully some relaxing, time with the parents and perhaps even some “sorting of the boxes still stored at my parents house” time.

Hmmm, well I guess I really didn’t have much of a point with this post, but I hope you all enjoy your Fridays and even more, enjoy your weekend!

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