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Challah and blue skies

July 13, 2011

I am once again in Seattle, the sky is unbelievably blue, the house smells like the challah bread Alex and I just finished baking.  I have a fresh cup of a tea and need to head out to catch the bus in 20 minutes.  Alex is taking a nap on the couch, and there are plans to take a walk outside somewhere, after my 3:30pm appointment.  Life is really good right now.


My new obsession with Instagram

July 3, 2011

As you may have noticed in my haircut photo I appear to be holding an iPhone like device. Have no fear I have not given into the siren song of the smart phone (oh that beauteous melody!), but instead I am enjoying my new iPod Touch. Which I now posses thanks to a happy trade between Jonathan and I through which he was gifted a car and me an Mp3 player. Oddly enough considering the age and miles on the car, I believe I may have gotten the better deal 🙂
So yes the new iPod Touches also come with cameras, thus allowing me to finally have the crappy quality point and shoot of my dreams. And thanks to an app with lots of fun filters that do a good job of covering up the low megapixel nature of these photos, makes it really fun to edit them. So here are my current instagram photos:




So……(drumroll)……update on Job/Future location/Life in general!

July 1, 2011

For some reason, this draft (just the title) have been sitting here empty for close to a week.  I think having big news is sometimes a bit of a paralyzing force for me.  Like I have realized before, change is incredibly enticing for me, but the transitions needed to actually make them happen, often exhaust me.  But on to the good news…….I got offered an Americorp (VISTA program) in Seattle and I accepted it!!!!!  I will give more details of the position later, but I will say it takes me further into the tech/Information Science of my MLIS than I had anticipated back in January (which I find to be super exciting).  So as of mid-August I will be living and working in the fair (if slightly cloudy) city of Seattle.  I will be filling the recently emptied slot at Hedgehog house, home to both awesome friend David, boyfriend Alex, and two other equally lovely/hilarious housemates (who I shall not name because I don’t know wether to call them by their actual names or Katie’s clever pseudonyms).  Now my life is consumed by to-do lists, packing lists, empty boxes, storage containers, shredded old files, papers in need of recycling and all the huge spectrum of emotions that come from such a big life change.  Obviously the solution all of this lies in the following photo:

12 inches later

While I may not have my life entirely in order (yet!), I do finally have the summer haircut I have been hankering after for almost a year.  Seattle, here I come!