Updated goals for after grad school

June 14, 2011

Back in November of last year when I was doing NaBloPoMo, I wrote this post about things I wanted to do after grad school.  I figured 5 months past grad school it might be a good time to check in and see how I am doing on those goals (original in italics, update in regular).

sew myself a new dress (this will require both setting up and fixing my sewing machine)

So this one I have made absolutely no progress on, however I have been reading Mena’s blog over at Sew Weekly and I have been really inspired by her.  The pattern I really want to try is Macaron by Colette (or perhaps the Crepe, also by Colette).  However the two big hurdles for this goal are clearing off my desk/work table enough to set up my sewing machine and of course figuring out if my sewing machine works at all 🙂

date more (I have talked before about online dating, but haven’t tried it much since earlier in the summer, so time to try, try again)

While I don’t get to go on as many dates as I would like with him (silly long distance), I would say being in a relationship with Alex pretty much knocks this one out of the park 🙂

take a photography/design/art class

I done nothing so far on this one, however I did take pictures for a 50th wedding anniversary and just lots of pictures in general.

read more! (I know it seems like I do this a lot already, but the freedom to read whatever I want in whatever order I want is a little intoxicating)

As I mentioned the other day, I am behind on this one, but oh so excited about catching up this summer!  This weekend I read a childrens’ book called Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass, another volume in the graphic novel adaptation of The Stand by Stephen King and started Maise Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear a mystery set in 1929 London, England.  But I am really going to have to pick up the pace if I want to catch myself up to last year (126 books) by having 60 books read by the end of June (alternate page goal requires reading 6,000 pages by the end of this month).

exercise more (I have yet to find a regular way to fit exercise into my life, despite many attempts over the years, but I really like the way I feel afterward and want to feel stronger and be an even better Boundary Waters leader this coming summer, so that is definitely a goal)

While I am not actually going on the full fledged Boundary Waters trip, like I originally thought (the group was all boys and I was wary of breaking up the male-bonding potential).  However I am instead doing Paddlethon, which is the extremely awesome, extremely arm-numbing attempt to paddle either 30 or 50 or more miles in one day.  My lovely friend Steph will be joining us and we will be paddling to raise money for Wilderness Wind.  An excellent camp that works to provide spiritual, ecologically aware, accessible wilderness experiences for a range of individuals and groups in the Boundary Waters, Wilderness Wind is a pretty incredible place and I have been on around 6 or 7 trips and each time I go I leave refreshed and amazed by the joys of hard work in the great outdoors.  As a part of Paddlethon, I will be trying to raise $500 to support Wilderness Wind, so if you feel like helping out, here is the link.

Anyways, exercise didn’t happen as much as I would have liked during the “spring” (in quotes, because it was cold and rainy enough to put that label into severe question), but being active is always easier in the summer, so basically I will give this goal a renewed attempt during the coming months.

start the job hunt (okay this is not a fun goal, considering I kind of hate that whole process, but is definitely on my list of things I need to do post graduation)

Well if we take this goal solely at its word, than I have totally met this one.  I have applied to 12 or so different positions, had 5 interviews, written 15-20 essays, revised my resume, scanned in 2 transcripts and 1 teachers’ certificate, collected 3 reference letters and applied for 4 different Americorp programs.  In other words searching for a job is at LEAST the equivalent of the work for one graduate course, possibly two.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t actually resulted in any jobs being obtained.  But, I just had an interview for a really awesome Americorp position in Seattle, so I am trying to keep up the “something will work out” attitude.  However feel free to send any spare “good job getting vibes”, my way. 🙂

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