listening to Norah Jones and the rain

October 1, 2009

Isn’t that a perfect emo title for a blog post that is long overdue and probably won’t amount to much more than random bits of things?  Anyways partially inspired by Erini’s point in an email that I haven’t been blogging much (which was obviously completely correct 🙂 ) and my own desire to start October with more content than I created in September, here I am!  In typical fashion I have half a dozen blog post ideas from the past month that aren’t even in draft form, but several of them involve getting pictures from my camera.  Which is usually just enough of an impediment to keep me from actually getting a post put together.

So instead of that you get a few paragraphs about my life as of late.  First autumn is definitely here and with it a kicker of a thunderstorm and cold drizzly weather.  But I still love this season, even with the hints of winter it keeps sending off, autumn to me is all about warmth, crispness, pumpkins, apple sauce, family, books, hot tea and the rapidly approaching holidays.  In other words many of my favorite things.

One of my goals as of late as has been to read more and I have been having some decent success.  Today I finished Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, which was both very well written, incredibly creative, thought-provoking, a bit of a downer and a decently good book.  I also read Year of Wonders and Sum: 40 tales from the afterlives in the past few weeks with hopes to start A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg and God: An Intimate Biography soon.  I must say I really like feeling a bit like a bookworm again.  Curling up for a book is so different in many ways from watching movies or television shows on my laptop. Not intrinsically superior, but often more fulfilling.

But speaking of television, I also finally finished the last season of Battlestar Galactica and I think I can safely say it is probably the best acting/writing tv show I have ever seen.  I can’t wait to finally coerce Becca and Jess into watching it with me, so I will have more people to analyze and nerdily obsess over it with me.  The characters in that show stick with me in ways that very few other shows ever have, yet I can’t really even pick a favorite.

I also discovered a new “favorite” brownie recipe.  Who know that cayenne pepper (what I substituted for the chipotle spice) and cardamom made brownies taste so good?  Also it should be warned that these brownies are both highly addictive and really actually quite spicy (at least in my book).

Well I think that is enough rambling for the moment, other things of note that I may or may not get around to talking about include the Mennonite Relief sale, during which I bought ridiculous amounts of sausage and cider, cooking experiments with Jess, applesauce making and canning, visiting Jonathan at Purdue and car issues.  Goodnight all!


  1. warmth, crispness, pumpkins, apple sauce, family, books, hot tea and the rapidly approaching holidays.

    What a lovely poetic description. It sends a lovely whiff of nostalgic images through my head. Not quite the same in London…

  2. I gotta try that brownie recipe. Chocolate and hot pepper together sounds just fabulous. Thanks for sharing!!

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