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you must watch this

November 30, 2009

I love Jon Stewart

In this clip he explains succinctly why he doesn’t like Sarah Palin.  Here’s a clue, it isn’t because she is pretty and from Alaska.


day 30: of that NaBloPoMo thing

November 30, 2009

Well, I did it folks, which feels really good and kind of lame.  I mean blogging every day was hard at times this month, but I have to say it also produced a lot of quick updates with very little thought.  However it did inspire me to do things like finally take a picture of a work outfit, actually write a post that came to me while listening to NPR (95% of those ideas never see the light of day), purchase my own domain, write up a baking adventure, describe a random celebrity encounter, and wish my brother a very belated birthday.

The other big thing blogging every day did for me this month, was make November fly by in approximately 17 minutes, while also leaving me a much better record of what I actually did this month.  I still have a few drafts rattling around that I never got to finishing this month including my first giveaway!  But mostly I just want to say thanks to all of you who read this blog and especially those of you who comment.  While I know it is a bit cliche, reading your thoughts really does help me remember why I keep spouting out these random blitherings.

As for the sum-up of this weekend, I will (in typical Abby fashion) show you some pictures instead:

I have the best/cutest/most wonderful parents, ever! Srsly!

I finally got to scratch this one off of the "places in Evanston I really need to visit" list and what a beautiful day to do so.

Of course Jonathan had to get all sacrilegious and sit on the thing.

Although, this one is probably my true favorite of the day.

On Saturday night we went to the John Hancock building and got to look at this pretty decent view while we ate appetizers and felt sophisticated (or in the case of my family used our various PDAs to try to identify all major geographical features)

Then we finished up the evening with a series of pictures in front of the giant Christmas Tree, during which Tim taught me the wonders of fill flash

So that my friends was the month of November, a pretty darn good one overall.  I don’t know if I will post much this coming week, maybe I will surprise myself and post bunches and bunches, but either way I hope you all enjoy this holiday season!


day 29: almost over

November 29, 2009

Now I have to confess, today I actually would have had time to write up a good long post, but something about this blogging every day thing is finally wearing me down.  Because not only could I not persuade myself to write a post, I had to force myself to process and upload pictures from this incredible weekend.  Anyways tomorrow I really will try to rally the troops and come up with a halfway decent post to mark the end of NaBloPoMo, yah!  But right now all I want to do is change into my jammies, snuggle up in bed to finish reading The Dream Hunters (a post Sandman Neil Gaimen / P. Craig Russell graphic novel) and go to sleep before 11pm.  So until then feel free to click over there on the right and browse the bunches of photos I took, which are currently all unorganized and unlabeled.  But most of all go read a book instead, I know that’s what I am gonna do.


day 28: another filler post because I have been having too much fun

November 28, 2009

Today I ditched my family’s plan to volunteer and instead slept in till the luscious hour of 10:30am (which might just be a record for me post college).  Then after laundry and room cleaning (I vacuumed and washed my sheets!!) I uploaded a few pictures to my computer and walked to the library to pick up two books that had come in on hold.  Followed by relaxing latte at the coffeeshop and a nice hour of chatting with Jess and Becca.  After which I caught the bus downtown to meet my family at the John Hancock center where we went to the Signature Lounge and we watched the sun set over the city and the lights come up.  It was a pretty beautiful view for only 13 bucks or so 🙂

Tomorrow I promise pictures or at least a post with at least a smidgen more thought.  It was a lovely day folks!


Posted from jonathan’s iphone

November 27, 2009

Topics of conversations with my family include:
Zombie apocalypse and how my mom is going to start a conversation with the goshen gunshop guys, just in case
Steven colbert and the werewolves congress
Where mom & dad should live post retirement
And of course a rousing game of tichu 😉


Pictures of Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009

I am sitting here watching the movie Once with my family, turkey broth cooling on the stove and so much food in my belly.  My parents and I totally kicked puzzle butt this afternoon, games were played, a walk to the lake was had and a most amazing Thanksgiving feast of course.  A giant turkey, two kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato croquettes, two kinds of cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, gravy (two kinds), green beans and four kinds of pie, so obviously we ate well.  Because I am too full to think much more than this, here are some photos from today and yesterday:

Seats on the 147


happy vacation days

November 25, 2009

Not having classes or work that I have to attend definitely help make for a better day.  Other good ingredients include:

  • sleeping in till 9:30am (about the latest I can do these days)
  • making pancakes for breakfast and eating them with my younger brother
  • drizzly trips to downtown Chicago with same brother
  • sea salt caramel hot cocoa
  • Christmas lights
  • perfect timing when meeting the other brother at fancy cheese shop
  • buying amazing Rosemary Mantechego cheese and garlic marinated olives
  • catching a ride back north with my parents who happened to be arriving at the perfect moment
  • starting a puzzle with my Mom and Penny
  • Rooibus tea with sweetened condensed milk (which I have associated together ever since traveling with the Holsopples
  • making yummy if odd meal out of Apple Curry Lentil Salad and leftover lasagna
  • playing games with the family, while eating peanut butter popcorn

day 24: some NaBloPo thoughts

November 24, 2009

I am not sure what is making November go by so fast, maybe it is all the blogging I’ve been doing, or maybe it is just the way my life seems to be continually accelerating these day.  Either way, it is more than a bit crazy to realize that today is my last day of work before Thanksgiving Break (hallelujah for working in a school), but of course I still have class tonight which is a bit anti-climatic to say the least.

Oh and that also means that I only have a week left of this NaBloPoMo thing, which I have to say I have really really enjoyed, even the running back to my house at 11:50pm on a Saturday night so I could blog part.  For one, it seems to have brought out more commenting, but then again that probably has a lot to do with the fact that November has had about 17 times as many posts as the past few months.  But whatever the cause, I have to say I have really enjoyed having people stop by and read and say hello, it does make this whole blogging thing seem slightly less bizarro.

Oh in other news, my younger brother arrives tonight, although time and place haven’t been completely confirmed I am tickled pink by this.  However considering my inability to make myself go to bed at a decent hour for the last week*, my welcome will probably consist of “hey, welcome home booger! Here is the couch and……szzzzzzzzzzzzz”

*Seriously last night I was all like “Okay Abby, you can read till 10:15pm and then off to bed” and then I ended up blearily reading my novel until 11:45pm came along and punched me in the face.


the globalization of the local

November 23, 2009

Yesterday while driving home from class I heard a story on NPR all about polar bears, who are apparently quite doomed.  The expert was talking about how the melting of the ice caps was unrepairable at this point and that it was only a matter of time before all the polar bears starved to death.  Kind of a depressing thought, you have to admit, but what it really made me think about is how I am, in my Midwestern little cocoon, upset by this idea.  How much time do I spend thinking about polar bears on a daily basis?  Not a lot.  How much does it actually effect me, who has never seen a polar bear and am unlikely to do so, if polar bears cease to exist?  Not a lot.*  But because I was sitting in my car, listening to NPR, I know about this and it makes me sad.

It is pretty easy to go on and on about the ways that the globalization of information is radically changed our perception of the world over the past 100 or even 50 years ago.  For instance, this weekend I spent around 6 hours researching a very old book.  I found journal articles, read biographies, examined old maps, all through the wireless connection of my laptop.  In other words I did research that would have required numerous letters, trips to libraries, and possibly even travel to do only 100 years ago.  But in the end, it was the part of the research where I held the book in my hand and looked at its strange, but very cool, illustrations that really connected me to story of one book and the many hands that helped produce it.

Friday night I had rather bizarre experience when I ended up entertaining both a young homeless woman with mental issues and a volunteer recruiting for ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  The young woman, Mary, is a known person to the neighborhood.  She used to come around more frequently, but this is only the second time I have interacted with her since moving into Cana.  There is something about sitting there drinking tea with a young woman who spends nights on the streets and a man explaining the difficult work of helping animals after natural disasters and bringing down dog-fighting rings to make one think a little more seriously about issues.  Normally would I think to offer tea to the homeless or sign up to give money to help pet animals? Probably not, but when someone comes to your home, or to the radio in your car, it makes those big national/global issues seem more important to my tiny little life.

*It should be noted that I understand the huge issue of global warming and how that will indeed effect me, but this one small part of it probably really won’t effect me at all.


day 22: the longer story

November 22, 2009

Well I did indeed have all day class today.  It was my second to last one of the semester, but the final class starts in 9 short hours.  So even this longer story will need to be short.

Class went well we learned about the history of science books for children and then talked for a while about the future of “history of the book”.  How classes like this will be taught in 50 years?  Will books survive the huge shifts in technology (considering we were a roomful of librarians we tended to answer this one with a resounding YES!)? Thankfully it as a nice day which made having class at the Chicago Botanic Garden almost a treat.  Plus I got to spend the second half of my lunch hour warming my back in the sun and chatting with Steph.

Then after class I hurried home to finish rereading the new version of The President’s Daughter by Ellen Emerson White.  Originally published in the 80s, the books is about the first female President of the US as told through the eyes of her daughter.  I don’t think I have ever read an updated version of a novel that I had read previously, so it was interesting to hear new references to the green movement and the Internet bantered about.

Becca gettin ready for dinner

Finally I pulled myself away from my book and put on some nicer clothes (and high heels, which only becomes relevant later in the evening) to meet up with Erini, Jess and Becca for dinner.  Our original plan was to go to the new trendy (for Evanston) pizza restaurant, however we didn’t factor in the newness of the restaurant and the Saturday night factor, so the wait time was too long.  Our next pick was Dave’s Italian Kitchen, which also had a wait time, but shorter.  So we entertained ourselves by being goofy and taking pictures in the glowy restaurant light.

Eventually we got our seats and had an incredible meal (pasta truly makes the world go round) and then decided that we definitely did want to go to the almost sold out, 9pm showing of that crazy teenage movie about a vampire on opening weekend.  Because how else do mature people spend their saturday nights?  We got there just a few minutes before it started so we got to sit in the very front row which made things like Jacob the Werewolf look like he had gorilla hands and Edward look like an even more gaunt old man.  But in all honesty it was kind of a hoot to sit there and make smart ass comments to Becca and actually maybe enjoy it a little bit.

By the time the movie ended, it was 11:20pm and I realized I was in serious jeopardy of not making it home in time to post for the day.  We hurried to the L stop only to watch a purple line train leave the station right as we got there, which meant a 15 minute wait.  So we waited and I tapped my feet a lot, but finally a train came and we got on, said our fond farewells to Erini (who was taking the train down into the city) and hoped off at main street.  This is where the high heels I was wearing earlier in the evening come back into the story.  Because, not only had we walked downtown and around, I was now running (yes, I may be taking this NaBloPoMo thing a little too seriously) to my house.  Oddly enough I found that running in heels was not as hard as I had imagined, maybe because you are already on tip-top, either way I rushed inside, turned on my computer and posted with only 5 minute left in the day.  So there you have it the longer story and now I get to go to sleep content that my post is already taken care of for Sunday.