Interstellar: Not a review

November 8, 2014

Other than watching the trailer, I knew very little about this movie going into the theater this afternoon. And I think that is a good way to approach it. All you need to know is that Interstellar is the next big thing (both for box office numbers & awards season) and it involves space and science. While I am still on the fence about whether it is actually a good film or not, it is definitely a good 3 hour theater experience. So I encourage you to go to the theater on this one. It will be worth your money. And when you do, let me know, cause I would love to chat about it.


  1. Abby!
    1. I’m so glad you’ve returned to your blog, it’s a welcome re-addition to my life and makes me feel connected to you (somewhat tenuously, sure), but I love reading it.
    2. I saw Interstellar on Friday and had basically the same reaction. It made me wish I knew more science and it made me realize that I hate super loud scores. I definitely didn’t expect to spend so much of the movie crying or to feel so weirdly connected to the characters…all while feeling kinda on the fence about the movie in general.
    That said, I hope you’re doing well and that 2015 is a little less dramatic for you!

  2. Ruth!
    1. Awe, that makes me happy. We are long overdue for a good catch-up? Perhaps via email? Or any chance you wanna start a blog? 🙂
    2. In further discussions with Alex, we both thought the visuals were amazing, the acting solid, but the writing a bit uneven. Some scenes were incredibly emotionally powerful, and others drifted into triteness.
    Thanks for commenting,

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