Pomegranate Walnut Chicken

November 9, 2014

2014-11-09 19.01.32

Ever since I first had this dish at an Iranian restaurant with Tim and Charletta many years ago, I have been obsessed with this chicken stew dish. In fact, part of the fun of having a blog that goes back for over 10 years is that you can find my first reference to this dish back in August 2010. Despite being a little time consuming, this is a dish I have literally made twice on one week (it makes for a great meal for presenting to guests). However, it had been quite some time since, I had made it, so this afternoon I decided to give it another shot.

You can find the recipe here and I will say it is great as is, however because I almost always end up tweaking things as I go, below are a few notes.

  1. The meat in this flexible. I didn’t have enough chicken on hand, so I threw in some pork. I think this would also be fun to turn vegetarian, with perhaps butternut squash, or maybe chickpeas?
  2. The only hard to find ingredient in this is the pomegranate molasses. I found mine at Whole Foods, although your local co-op or natural food store would also probably be good options.
  3. I was also out of chicken broth for this, so I used beef broth instead and it tasted fine.
  4. Another fun addition is to throw in a couple of splashes of pomegranate juice when you add the ground walnuts.
  5. Don’t skip toasting the walnuts, you want the richness of flavor, believe me.
  6. However, feel free to reduce the final 1 hour simmer time. I really only simmered for 15 minutes past the 30 minute meat simmer and it tasted delicious.
  7. Also I think rice is really the way to go with this one in terms of sides. I tried quinoa this time and you really want a more absorbent starch with this meal.

There, now you have all you need to make a sumptuous autumn/winter dish.

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