What Seattle means right now

September 6, 2011
  • sore biceps from a two day attempt to tame the crazy weeds in the front and back yard that grow a good 10 inches higher than the grass
  • the smell the acrid burning plastic of the weed whacker after it lit itself on fire to escape my over 60 minute long forced march through the forests of the back yard
  • laughing at (or should I say with?) the cute baby antics of the adorable 2.5 year old guest at our house’s Labor Day BBQ yesterday evening
  • frustrations with the deteriorating state of my room (it shifted from tetris style boxes, to its current configuration of open bins of clothing blocking almost all floor space access
  • the related frustration of having more clothes than closet/drawer space
  • pleasure in the sense of finding new rhythms and schedules to my day
  • the taste of homemade blackberry jam (Katie and I made another batch this weekend) on Alex’s homemade bread
  • the ongoing quandary of not knowing more and more what the larger goals of this year are, but still having little clarity on the day to day goals
  • successfully navigating two extensive bureaucracies to obtain both a WA driver’s license and food stamps
  • lovely video chats with friends in Chicago, Goshen and Florida
  • an enjoyable but less than inspiring church visit (leading me to believe that it will be even harder than I anticipated to find another church home like Reba)
  • the joy of buying my airplane tickets for my first visit home


  1. Next time we get coffee remind me to explain why SMC is actually pretty cool despite not being quite as great as Assembly or Reba. Also you should visit Evergreen sometime.

  2. *First, I don’t believe you told me the weed whacker caught on fire. Scary!

    *Second, you gunna make a jar for me? For Christmas? Please.

    *Having daily goals are enough for me too. And even those don’t always get done.

    * I suggest you get a second bedroom. It’s done wonders for my messes;)

    * Horrah for airline tickets that have you coming East.

  3. I had a whippersnipper [Australian name for weedwhacker!] which almost caught fire; I turned it off when it began smoking fiercely.

    Your new life seems to be full of domestic activity and promise. Is there a cat? And what’s happening work-wise?

    • Mirabella,
      Unfortunately no cats 😦 and as for work I am hoping to post soon about it. But basically it is a year of service in the non-profit tech world.

  4. Lovely window into your life in Seattle. There’s a poem in there.

  5. More posts please. Because your “what Seattle means to me right now” is no longer ‘now’. The post is really “What Seattle means to me…2 weeks ago” ;p

    • 🙂 Hey! now that we live so far apart, you only get to bug me to update my blog when you update yours.

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